Get Rewarded for Your Purchases


Earn points with every purchase made on your MECU card

Points are redeemable for merchandise, discounted travel, gift cards, cash-back.

Earn cash back on all the money you spend
Redeem for merchandise, travel, gift cards, more


  Visa Signature Cash Rewards Credit Card Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card Visa 借记卡 (Consumer & 业务)
Transactions that earn points All purchase transactions All purchase transactions Signature transactions only
获得的积分 1 point for every $1 spent 1 point for every $1 spent 1 point for every $5 spent
兑换积分 Cash, merchandise, travel, gift cards Merchandise, travel, gift cards Merchandise, travel, gift cards
  • 月结单
  • 网上银行
  • 定期发送CURewards邮件
  • 月结单
  • 网上银行
  • 定期发送CURewards邮件
点过期 4年(年末) 4年(年末) 3年(年末)

2021十大正规网赌网址 more about CURewards

You can easily redeem points by registering your cards (debit and credit must be registered separately) by logging into
To convert points to cash, Signature cardholders must log into their CURewards 账户.
业务 cards are not eligible for cash back. 
是的 by sending a request via secure message through MECU's 手机银行 App or 网上银行. Please use the topic Credit/借记卡 服务. Once your points are combined, they will appear on your Visa Credit Card 账户. Debit card points will still expire in 3 years (at year end).
  • 借记卡积分:  in three years (at year end).
  • 信用卡积分: in four years (at year end).
是的, you can have the cash posted directly to your MECU card 账户, or cash can be posted to your MECU Primary Share 储蓄 账户 (usually within 2-3 days).
You are able to register your cards at